Every Great Dog offers private, in-home dog training programs tailored to your needs.


Puppy 101

Puppy 101 is designed  for dogs under 10 months. Goals may include: Sit, Down, Leave it, Calm greetings/No Jumping, Drop it, Come when called, Loose leash walking skills, No Door Dashing, No barking, Place/Bed, Crate training, Off leash reliability, Stay, Ringing the Bell to go out

We also cover nipping, Crate Training, Socialization, Appropriate play, Feeding, Housebreaking, Building calmness in your puppy and more. Let’s get that puppy on the right track to being a GREAT dog!


Foundation Training and Basic Skills

Are you frustrated with your dog? Lots of dogs have behaviors we wish to change such as running way, barking and jumping on guests, dragging owners down the street and just being problematic in the house. With this program, your dog will learn ,or re-learn the basics such as the sit, down, the leave it command and polite leash walking. Learning the basics is paramount to fixing those annoying behavior problems.

Designed for dogs over 10 months of age.  


Leash Manners and/or Reactivity

Calling all pullers!! This program is designed for dogs who are constant pullers and/or exhibit reactive behavior on leash. Leash skills are taught in combination with counter conditioning exercises for our reactive friends.  Advancement through the program involves field trips to public spaces. We will assist you in selecting the right equipment of your dog depending on the issues. Your dog does not have to be leash reactive to participate in this program. We accept all pullers!


Fearful Re-conditioning

Have a dog that is fearful? Let us help you help your dog with counter conditioning and desensitization exercises. We also include confidence building games and skills in this program. Your dog will emerge from this program with the tools on how to deal with her fears effectively.


Off-Leash Reliability

We will help you get your dog off leash and ready to enjoy the world of trails and hiking. If your dog is over one year of age, an e-collar may be required for this program.

Serving: Newton, Needham, Wellesley, Dedham, Westwood and beyond.