Training with Every Great dog happens in one of two ways:

1) Private One on One Dog Training

With this option the trainer will come to your house and work with both you and your dog each session. Together you and your trainer will train your dog based upon your goals.

2) Immersion Day Training (with train the owner sessions)

Designed with busy families in mind. With this program your trainer will come to your house and train your dog for you using positive reinforcement based methods during the week. It is not required that you are home for this part of the program! At several intervals during the training program, you will meet with the trainer for “train-the-owner” sessions so you can learn our methods and continue the work we have started with your dog.

Dog Training Results!

Many people come to us frustrated and embarrassed with their dog’s behavior but leave our training programs with a dog who understands their requests and does them reliably when requested. No more stress, no more shouting to get your dog to listen, our dog and puppy training programs give you all the tools you need for long-term success. Train with us, and you will have a dog who listens to you, works with you and behaves like a great dog should. Our methods are simple, easy and very effective to implement.

We work with dogs of all ages and temperaments, and we specialize in working with puppies to prevent behavioral problems before they start.  

Your Dog can be a Great Dog Too!


New puppy getting into everything? We've got you covered!

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