Satisfied owners are saying…


The training program was excellent and Poppy and myself both benefited greatly from the experience! Rachel is absolutely amazing and Poppy responded to her so well. She made it look easy! I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone...and I have!

Tera, Needham, MA


We had our first puppy ever, Brady, and he needed to learn the basics about leash - and potty-training, dropping and leaving things, etc. Our puppy loved training with Rachel! He loved her energy and enthusiasm, and especially loved her treats! Rachel is a great trainer and I highly recommend her!



Rachel’s training model worked perfectly for us. We had previously done group training classes but it seemed like Ollie would be an A+ student while in class and then totally forget everything as soon as we got home, or were at a park, etc. We also have a baby so getting out to group classes during the week was too hard to schedule and commit to. Rachel would come to our house, or take him on a nearby field trip, twice a week to train Ollie 1:1 and then we would do “transfer session” every couple of weeks to practice what Ollie had been learning. This was the PERFECT method for our busy schedules these days! We have seen a drastic improvement in Ollie’s leash walking, so much so that I can actually walk him AND push a stroller – something that was an impossible task before we started this training program. We have also seen an improvement with Ollie’s anxiety when other off-leash dogs approach or charge at him which used to cause stress for everybody because we didn’t always know how he would react. Ollie’s recall is significantly better. Rachel has provided us with the tools and knowledge to continue to reinforce the behavior so we can feel confident in that recall every time. Lastly, we just really enjoyed working with Rachel – she clearly understands the ins and outs of dog training and getting results, and she’s also just super fun to hang out with a very practicable approach to her work.



Rachel took my 8 year old Lab Gracie into her home and taught her (and Me!) how to be a more well mannered dog. She turned my lovable but feisty, leash pulling yellow lab into an angel. Gracie now walks beside me , no more pulling and always comes when I call her. Doesn’t even eat tissues or toilet paper off the roll anymore either. Rachel is so great ! I highly recommend her.

Martha R., Wayland, MA


Rachel was a great help to me when I got my puppy Rocky. I loved her system of coming to my house and working one on one with Rocky for a few days and then having a transfer session with my husband and I to review what she had worked on. She helped our very jumpy, energetic boxer to not jump on people, be better behaved in general as well as how to walk on the leash without pulling. Rachel was flexible and very easy to work with.

Emily D. Needham, MA


Rachel at Every Great Dog was a lifesaver for us. Our 4 year old dog, Charlie, was exhibiting aggressive behavior toward other dogs, as well as other behavior issues. After just a few sessions with Rachel, he has been transformed! She really helped Charlie reach his potential, and now he is so well-behaved and respectful around other dogs, walks so nicely on his leash, and most importantly, he now listens to us consistently. Not only did Rachel train Charlie, but she also helped teach us how to work with him on our own to ensure consistently good behavior. We are so glad we decided to pursue training with Every Great Dog, it was worth every penny!

Marcy C . Needham


My puppy, Tali, became much more responsive to me; I understood much better how to get a desired response from my puppy using positive reinforcement smartly.

Marina, Newton, MA


When I contacted Rachel it was because my Toby had been growling and barking at other dogs when walking on a leash. It usually got out of hand and he was out of control so I avoided walking him wherever I saw another dog and I even stopped walking as much as I had been for fear of being g faced with this situation. I found it very stressful. From the first meeting Rachel, I was able to get Toby to focus, instead of the other dogs or any outside stimuli by teaching him to walk properly on a leash. I will also say that Rachel is as sweet as could be to the dogs and very patient with me. I highly recommend her.

Cindy C. Needham, MA


The training we received for my 2 year old pup has really changed our life for the better. Rocco has completely stopped barking at strangers at the door and through the car window. Having people over and driving are a million times less stressful (and embarrassing) now. Walking Rocco on leash is now a treat, instead of anxiety inducing. The simple strategies Rachel taught me have had profound effects. Before I worked with Rachel, I though recall was an impossible goal, but I have a new found confidence in myself and my dog while implementing the strategies Rachel has taught me…and they have been simple enough to pass along to my kids and husband so we can be consistent as a family. I would highly recommend Every Great Dog for you and your family. Rachel is approachable, down to earth, and fun to work with!

Meredith, Newton, MA

Rachel was professional, helpful and very accommodating when helping us with our rescue Shepard mix, Tiger. She came prepared and offered suggestions for helping us help him to overcome his fears. Tiger sometimes has a fearful side when he is an unfamiliar room or is with people he doesn’t know, like at the vet or groomer. Since our visit we’ve applied the suggestions Rachel has outlined and Tiger has improved immensely. I am more than pleased and impressed with Rachel’s professionalism and her fun attitude. I would highly recommend her as she helped us help our dog not be so nervous.
— James P. Wellesley, MA