Head Trainer Rachel Robbins with Sadie.

Head Trainer Rachel Robbins with Sadie.

Training Philosophy

Every Great Dog serves the Greater Boston suburbs with reward-based dog training, creating reliable outcomes for you and your dog.

Getting your dog to focus and exhibit good, life-long manners are always addressed during the training sessions because they are so important. We promote a variety of methods to build new behaviors and motivate your dog while utilizing clear and timely actions and consequences to help eliminate those unwanted behaviors. Every Great Dog is dedicated to providing the utmost personal dog and puppy training services.

No matter what others have told you, it’s not too much to ask to have a well behaved dog that you are proud to call a member of your family.

About Rachel

I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and I love my job! My goal for my clients to see desirable changes in their dog and fast. Working one on one gives you and your dog the best chance for success since all training plans are customized. Nothing is better than a home where everyone can enjoy life together happily, two and four legged members.


"Not only did Rachel train our dog, but she also helped teach us how to work with him on our own to ensure consistently good behavior. We are so glad we decided to pursue training with Every Great Dog, it was worth every penny!"

Our ultimate goal is to teach owners and families how they can maintain their dogs new behaviors using our both our effective and rewarding methods. I understand busy households, which why we tailor training for your family goals.

When I am not training with clients, I am on the go with my family hiking, biking and enjoying the great outdoors.  

Schedule a consultation today so I can help you reach your goals to live a peaceful and balanced life with your dog.  You both deserve it!

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